Hi mates ! to begin with, I was always the fat kid around the neighbourhood. I weight around 170lbs that time. I grew up all my life in Singapore. When I was in secondary school, I couldn't get full recess time for lunch. My PE (Physical Education) coach would just find a way to catch me and forced me to run around the soccer field for 10x. Yeah, my fitness level was merely sucked to the core, sometimes I did wonder why I could play tennis for 4 hours straight but couldn't even last 10mins of running. I felt ashamed when I was supposed to wear white clothes as everyone would see my "muffin waist" and I tried to wear double boxer so that just to cover that waist so that everyone wouldn't see it vividly. Finished secondary school, I moved on to private college and that was when I tried to hit the gym to you know, lose some fats and gain muscles through weight liftings to look better. I spent on doing that for about 5months and I was very frustrated as I didn't see any results and in fact, I felt flabbier than before I hit the gym. I went to GNC as well, to have suggestions on supplements and they suggested me to take muscle milk. Man, I didn't even know why I had to drink protein shakes after the gym haha and to be honest, I did not even know what muscle milk was. I was then decided to quit hitting the gym and so I gained more weight, soon enough I could be like baby huey haha. The turning point of my achievement was actually on February 2011. After I finished my college, I decided to take a break from studying or working first and that was when I also decided to hit the gym again after being motivated by my girlfriend. At that time, I didn't know still about what supplements to take and hey, even I thought that amino would actually make you look bigger haha. I started browsing the net and magazines and I found out about Optimum Nutrition. So, I decided to purchase Double rich chocolate 100%WGS and nothing else except that. As time moved on, I started to get hooked up with all this ON products, weightliftings, diets, etc and that was I asked help from ON's athelete, Alex Carneiro. He gave me directions on what to take and what to do. From him, I understood what amino acids were, why need that one and why need this one, why bcaa and glutamine? and why to eat 6x per day? etc. I started to work on it, threw it in some fat burners, really working hard in the gym, having my diets everyday. Surprisingly, within 4months, I lost about 40lbs of weight, and my bodyfat dropped from 24% to 14%. I enjoy reading articles from, and other fitness magazines to gain knowledge about nutritions and bodybuilding. During that 4months, I personally, took Pro Complex, Casein, Optimen, Thermocuts, Glutamine, and Amino Tabs. I was very happy then and really really happy. Until now, I keep doing it, still aiming bodyfat below 9%. The True Strenght here is about realizing that if you wanna do something then do it. Sometimes, I just regretted that if I hadn't quit hitting the gym that time, I would be ready by now and ripped. My size pants now is 30 and am no longer feel ashame to wear white clothes ;). I am now 140lbs with bf of 14% and my goal is to look lean. Changing your body is not a day task. You have to put hard works, determination, motivation and most importantly take the best supplement (ON) to help you to reach your goals. I'm not doing sales here, but I'm just sharing from what I've gone through my transformation. Until, today I'm taking Platinum Hydrobuilder, BCAA, Casein, 100%WGS, Amino Energy, CLA, Opti-Men, and Glucosamine + CSA super strengh and diets as well. I would personally like to thank, ON for making the best supplements today and Alex Carneiro for giving me directions. To all people out there that are looking to have some changes on your physique, DO IT because living healthy there's no harm to it. Be patient and always push yourself. Cheers !!. I'm Lucas Djunaedy and I have True Strength.