it was the end of freshman football season and game day for the first of the last 3 games of the season school let out and i was driving around looking for my friends to hang out for a while before the game. while im driving down a dirt road a pass another driver then 10 feet down the road i lost control of the vehical and wrecked.

i went into a ditch and didnt roll but flipped bumper to bumper 5 times. i dont remember all of it but bits and pieces. a classmate of mine's sister found me and called 911 if it wasnt for her i would be dead. i shatered my pelvis and was in a wheel chair for 3 months but still went out and competed for track that same year and competed in football and track the next year and so on. i ended up in the wheel chair and i split open my side since i went threw the windsheild and had to get a ton of internal stiches and 20 staples. yes i still have the scare.

before my wreck i dabled in lifting weights but was never truely dedicated but after i went back to school i'd lift myself out of my wheelchair and do upper body workouts. since my wreck i've been lifting all threwout highschool and to show my musclehead side i've had weights class all year since my sophmore year. but i still lift after school. in my eyes my wreck was both a horrible insodent and a great thing to happen to me becase if it werent for my wreck i would have never started lifting. my wreck is what gave me the fire to get bigger and stronger then everyone else around me. i weigh 172 give or take a few pounds it always goes up and down because of my training. i bench 330 straight bar deadlift 330 5 times and dymond bar 520 squat is 550 and my incline is down at 225 but those are my core lifts i curl 45 dumbells 10 times 3 sets and do dips with 2 plates atached to my waste 8 times before i reach muscle failure.

i've become a big health nut my past 2 years of highschool and use only healthy products. nothing fake here and im proud of it even though people think im on roids but if i was then i'd be looking like jay cutler so it gets to me when people say that but it just gives me more fire so there's no point in them even saying it. i consider use of steriod or hgh products is cheating and i dont cheat with my body plus i scared of needles so i couldnt take the crap anyways.

my name is tyler rosenhagen i just graduated from highschool and im going to college for massage therapy as a stepping stone to lead me into personal training. i've always wanted to compete in compitions but i have no idea how to get a sponser but i know if i found somebody i would make them proud to be my sponser but thats not why im doing this im doing this because i want people to know no matter what they do or how bad they get hurt there's always a chance to come back and be bigger faster stronger and a better person. you just have to dig deep find that animal in yourself and do what needs to be done. I'll send photo's in if i get a response. i believe that after all the work i've done in the weight room and at the track for my cardio and everything else i've been threw growing up that i have true strength. thank you