Being paralyzed is one of the scariest feelings I have ever encountered. I'm 17 years old and I was a varsity athlete for multiple sports all through school and was a rmxa motocross champ. One day I was competing in a motocross race and went over the bars and the bike landed on me and crushed my L1 vertebrae and was paralyzed for 17 hours due to nerve damage and laceration of my spinal cord and needed emergency surgery. I ended up with two rods, nine screws and a plate in my spine. During surgery they found I was 1mm away from completely cutting my spinal cord and making me a paraplegic. After surgery the next morning I got up and walked to the bathroom and surprised all of my surgeons and got discharged from the hospital in four days which was also un heard of. They predicted I would be off my feet for 6 months with no exercise but I am now 3 months from surgery and working out and feel better than ever. I'm making a come back and I wanted all of you to know if I can be put in a position where I couldn't move my arms or legs and can come back to workout and be all I can be. If anyone knows of a way that I can get help from supplement companies to sponsor me and help me on my journey it would be much appreciated.