I am a Mom of 4. Back in 2009 I had finally decided I did not want to be able to use the excuse of having children as a reason to be overweight and unhealthy. I was at my gym (sitting, no less) on an exercise bike and I opened a fitness magazine to see Jessica Paxson's picture. I liked how she was fit, toned, and not skinny like I had built up the pressure inside myself to be. I started working out but did not see the results I wanted. I was moving my body, but nobody told me about eating right and getting the appropriate supplements on board. This last year I finally got the help of a local trainer and I got a good jump start, losing almost 20 pounds and about 10% body fat. Once my dream of meeting Jessica came true in June 2013, I went home and changed everything about my diet and starting taking ON's Amino Energy and Gold Standard Whey. I am now down almost 30 pounds total, went from 32 to 20% body fat, and lost 4 clothing sizes. I have inspired my kids and husband as well to make better choices and now our whole family works out together.