This is vicky hiwale from jaipur rajasthan (INDIA). Martial art Coach Black belt 3rd Dan . Practicing Martial art last 16 years ,,,,,, I want to promote martial art at large scale. Our
motto is to develop self Defense and self-confidence in students and
Youth. I am Self-Made Man

. Limca book record holder 2013

• India book of record holder 2013

• SONY TV show Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi krega seson4 (1 lakh rupee) winner 2011
• India book of Record holder 2011

• Limca book of record holder 2010

• Awarded 5 thousand rupees from Poddar international college on 7th October 2008

• Official in khel ratn natinal karate championship 2011

• Rajas-than team chief in 1st Akshay kumar karate tournament 2009 sponsored by super star Akshay kumar
• Official In north India gojukai karate championship –2012
• Official in International karate tournament 2010

• Official in Open state Kotaka’s cup championship-2010

• Official in All India karate styles championship 2010

• Best coach awarded in Fourth state karate-do championship 2008

• 5 time national gold medalist

• Participate in International tournament in 2006 (Bangkok)
• black belt in karate
• Black belt 3rd dan in tae-kwondo
now I am preparing to have a
record in Guinness book of world records >> Please wish me luck