Hi, my name is Siliana Chanel-Gaspard, and I am a sponsored Optimum Nutrition Athlete. But I wasn't always in peak athletic condition.
As a teenager, I had some struggles with weight gain, maxing out at about 30lbs over weight when I was 15-16. I overcame this and lost the weight, and pretty much kept it all off until I became pregnant with my son; gaining over 40lbs.
When I my son was about 3 months old, I decided it was time for me to make a complete change. I hired a personal trainer who would allow me to bring my son to our sessions (I had anxiety of leaving of my son as he is my first) and we started on the journey. Over the course of several weeks, I started seeing results that I had not seen before. I had never used weights heavier then 10lb dumb bells, and the trainer had me using heavier weights, and new forms of exercise that I thought only "men were supposed to do." Within two months I felt like a new person. I had lost almost all of the weight, had learned so much about fitness and working out, and my look on life had completely been changed. I was a new, healthier, happy me.