before 9 months from now i was only a skinny, weak guy i liked to get big, strong, and a fitness model, so i decided to go to the gym, and train with weights, at the first everyone was against me (family, friends, even the gym's coach) because the all was thinking that lifting weights is not for me they were telling me "you are too young for that!" but i didn't listen for nobody i just trained and ate, sleep well, then i was just 55 kilos! and now i'am 66 kilos :) .. after 4 months everyone saw the results on my body and everyone was inspired, because in my country nobody lifts if he is younger than 18! and now after finishing 9 months of lifting and hard workout i'am preparing to compete after 2 months as the first teenage who compete in my country, i also thank Optimum Nutrition for the best supplements specially whey gold standard and creatine mono , and Steve Cook is my idol and i often watch him videos and do his tips