I'm Daniel, I'm 20 years old and a college student at Appalachian State University (North Carolina) not New York. Growing up I did not know what to expect when I started a weight training class, I eventually became good at it and worked really hard. One thing I did not know much about then was nutrition. Today, I'm more educated and even pursuing a career focusing on nutrition and health. Currently I'm training to compete in the Summer of 2013, and possibly a powerlifting meet in the Spring of 2013. I had many roadblocks on my way, mostly dealing with stress from school, girlfriends, and aquiring good food. After living out on my own I've started to figure things out more, and seeing much more progress in what I do, I go to the gym and I get looked up to and although everyone things that guys with huge muscles are just cocky meatheads I'm not, I'm a very caring person and probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet, one thing I always try to say when I get the chance is that "I'm not all guys". And most of my female friends would agree. I chose this lifestyle because of the passion I have for the sport, it keeps me busy, it motivates others, and it makes me happier than I ever was in the past. Each and everyday I believe I am getting better and better, and I always know when I'm doing something wrong (hint hint eating something that is NOT healthy) especially working for a fast food restaurant. This is my story.