I played college football in the Southeastern Conference for 5 years for Mississippi State University. I was an offensive guard and tackle, weighing 300 pounds and standing 6'5. To keep my weight up, I would eat any/everything in site! Burgers, chicken, fried, you name it and I ate it. It came with the territory. The offensive linemen would tear up buffets and eat everything to stay big to be successful on the football field. After my last game on Jan 1, 2011, in the Gator Bowl, I decided it was time to lose weight and get my body right. I had 5 simple rules. No fried foods, no fast foods, just drink water, lift hard and lift heavy! I woke up on January 2nd and tipped the scales at 296 pounds, knowing this was the last time I would see that number, Lord willing. I began by really concentrating on eating clean foods, grilled everything and didn't have carbs after 6pm. I would get my cardio done in the morning, and lift in the afternoons after class. I then decided I needed to get some supplements into my weight loss regimine. I began taking 100 percent Whey, Opti-Men, and Casein. The weight started to drop, yet my strength increased. I started hydrowhey about a month ago, and wow what a great product! Thanks to Optimum nutrition and some hard work, I stepped on the scale today weighing 246 pounds. It took me just four months to lose 50 pounds, and I feel amazing! The compliments and remarks keep pushing me even harder in the gym. It truly is amazing how much my body has changed. Thank you for your quality supplements, it would have been hard to complete my transformation without it. From big "love handles" and fatty legs at 296, I am starting to see abs and have great definition in my quads. I now feel like I have TRUESTRENGTH. I have uploaded four pictures, two of them from when I weighed 300, which was December 2010 and a picture from the Gator Bowl. The after pictures were taken on a cruise to Mexico, weighing 246 pounds.