My story begins when I just reached 18 years old. My parents had always been motivating me to study hard to achieve good grades at high school. Yet, I was far from seeing that I was neglecting my most important asset: my health. As a big fan of soccer, I used to play a lot when I was much younger but by the time I had to study hard, I could hardly run or sprint. I ended up panting, having heat strokes and falling so much I felt out of shape. My endurance was so low that I kept deteriorating in PE classes. Besides, I was being told that I was way too slim for my height. I'm 6 feet tall and used to be 58-60 kg. I couldn't have good outfits or even formal suits on my size and was laughed at by friends... until the day I decided to change it all. In June 2009, I took the initiative to come to grips with my life and to mould my spirit and image in the way I wanted it to be. I trained for 3 years, with regular cardio and weight lifting sessions and changed the way I looked at myself and at life. I'm 85 kg now and people I knew could hardly recognise me. It felt weird at first but great to switch from small shirts to extra large ones (or even body ones). Endurance is no longer a problem. People today come to me to ask for my fitness tips and secrets. There's actually no secret to fitness. There's no crying or begging for it either. Only the DDP rule: Determination, Discipline and Patience!