hello my name is nikolay,im 28 years old ,my story bigin when i been 14 years old i stard to make bush ups at home ,2 years letter i was 20 kilos up,at 17 i was 106 kilos.but i start to work very hardly for 4 years i drop evry muscle i had,i back in bulgaria 24 years old,i start to train again, but i did injery in my back in first training,it was very bad i didnt move just stay on bad for couple of days,i start again but evrything like i lose something forever in my conditione ,i start to live betwen training i start smoke, i start to go out and drink, evrything i belive just colapse,i did more injerys,two time broke leg from training,i didt slip i didnt feed one moment i start to pray evry single day,i start to be peacefull and star to smile again,i start to get up at 6 evry day feed,train,make defrent way of thinking