As an inactive , anti social child. Avoiding any public communication , i spent majority of my teen years 11-17 in front of a computer playing video games. No education on nutrition whatsoever , daily meals would be consider chips and candy. I guess at some point i realized as i was getting older , the worse my body was evolving. At 17 did some research and began my "DIET" , i was too embrassed to head to the gym , so i began with basics ( Push-UPS, taobo , jump rope etc).Eventually results started kicking in and i got obessed with the way i look... thinner and thinner. The obession lead to becoming a bulimic male teenager (18yrs old ,135pounds at 5'10), with barely in taking 1200 calories a day and most of it which came back out ( which is bare minimum for women) and overexcersicing till i dropped 4-5 hours a day. Problems on top of problems suddenly got worse when became Anemic , skin discoloration , fatigue , no desire to do anything really. I woke up one day , and it finally hit me that i could not go on being so fragile not a day longer. My new journey began , thru snowstorms and thunderstorms whatever , i was there at the gym. I slowly starting intaking more food as i became more conformtable with the changes in my body and it became a new instant obbession. I was consistent in everything i did , and worked hard for what i'am today. I've come a long way and it doesn't stop here. I hope that one day i can be a sponsored althete, spokesmodel , andwork the covers of fitness magazine everywhere. and won't stop till i achieve that , remember fitness isn't a hobbie , its a lifestyle.