Hi my name is Jason Dias,
I am a health nut and fitness junkie, ever since high school I have always been fascinated with how foods, especially healthy foods, function in the body. I would always search for the healthiest foods and try to consume as much of them as possible. I am also an extreme sport junkie, I started racing motocross at the age of 15, wanting to be a professional and make a carrer of it. Anyone who knows the sport of motocross knows that it is one of the most physically demanding sports there is, requiring strength and endurance. Training for this sport usually consisted of 1 hour of cardio, followed by an hour of strength training. I became a vegan while racing, for environmental, health, and ethical reasons. In 2007 I had a motocross crash that changed my life forever, I ruptured my duodenum (stomach), and had to have emergency bypass surgery. My small intestine was disconnected from the normal position and reconnected at the bottom of my stomach (basically a gastric bypass surgery). I spent 17 days in the hospital, consuming no nutrients and had gone from a skinny 160lb vegan to a skrawny 140lb vegan. Despite my unhealthy weight, I decided to stay a vegan for ethical reasons, trying to prove to everybody that i could gain the weight back on a vegan diet. I regained strength and began the vigrous training again, 1hr cardio 4-5 days a week, 1hr strength 5-6 days a week, but could not gain any weight, no matter how much i consumed due to the diet and overtraining. This went on for about a year, while going to various doctors, until i finally decided that my body needed to consume animal products for nutrients and adequate protein. Throughout this process i learned alot about training and proper nutrition, so i started doing less cardio and focused on strentgh training. After aboout 2 year of strength training i started to gain weight, but was on average consuming 5000 calories a day, and had only gained 20 pounds. Because of the gastric surgery that i had, my body did not asborb the necessary netrients, because the foods were passing through me too quickly, also leaving me with low energy. I had topped out at around 185 for 2 or more years, but could not make and muscle gains and was tired of eating so much. I began the search for a surgeon that would reverse the surgery and put my stomach back to normal. After about 3 years, 8 doctors, and coutless tests, i found a doctor that would operate, and bring me back to normal. I had my second open abdominal operation in September of 2010, and everything went great, stomach looked healthy inside and i was on my way back to a normal lifestyle. Recovery was tough, spent 12 days in hospital, no food for 8 days, lost 20 pounds of muscle mass, and was allowed no activity above walking for 2 months. During my off time i began studying to become a personal trainer,learned a lot, and my motivation level to get back to the gym was a 12 out out 10. I was determined to get healthy, gain weight, and be bigger and stronger than ever, with a goal weight of 200-205. I hit it hard, training 6-7 days a week, eating a lot and keeping it clean, and i showed, i put on 20 pounds in about 2 months. I also did a minimal amount of training, about 1 month, and completed my first marathon on Dec 11, 2011, only 3 months after surgery. I was so happy that i pursued getting my stomach fixed, and was looking foward to reaching my fitness goals without any dampers. Until December 27, 2011, I had a sharp pain in my upper abdomen, tried to work through the pain but endeded up in the ER at 4 in the morning. After various tests and scans, my surgeon discovered that i had a small bowel blockage. So it was back on the table, under the knife, and time for open abdominal surgery number 3. I am currently recovering from this surgery and on a liquid diet for several weeks, and will not be able to return to physical activity until March 2012. I can say that i am more motivated than ever to become as lean, muscular, and fit as possible. During my recovery times , ON products have been a staple of my diet, have helped me recover quickly, giving me the nutrients i need, and have made the liquid diet process easier. I started using ON products before my second surgery and have always trusted them for the best quality. Some day i would like to be a part of the ON Team, as a sponsored athlete, for all natural health and wellness.