Growing up I always wanted to play football, and compete in bodybuilding, I saw a picture of ronnie coleman when i was a junior in HS and I knew thats what I wanted to pursue. But a string of illness and injury set me back. I tore my acl and meniscus playing a pick up game of football and had to have reconstructive surgery in '06 and had to go through a year of rehab, I then had my appendix burst and had ulcers in my stomach and esophogus in the spring pf '07. But in the summer of 2007 I found try outs for a semi-pro football team about 60 miles from me and I had just started working out hard to rehab my knee and gain my muscle back, and one of the first supplements I ever took was OP creatine monohydrate and I remember how well that worked for me! So I tried out and without ever playing a down of real football I made the team and played for the next three years and since I have competed in two bodybuilding competitions placing 5th and 3rd, and I am planning o comepting again this coming march! OP's products and my will to achieve are my true strength!
Thank you