I am a 37 year old workout enthusiast that had spent many years training but unsuccessfully making the type of progress I knew I was capable of making. On average I would spend 4-6 days a week in the gym yet was not seeing gains or any type of transformation despite being armed with lots of great knowledge from various sources. In January 2011, weighing ~215 lbs, I drew a line in the sand and said 2011 would be the year that I acheived my goal of having the body that I knew I could attain.

Working out and dialing in my nutrition became priorities for me in a way they had never been before. I used many different training protocols over the course of nine months periodizing my workouts but mostly using circuit style training and supersets to crank up the intensity. I was determined that even with travelling for my job and some of the other stressors of life I would be victorious. With alot of hard work, dedication and stick-to-itness I managed to reach my goals.

Over a period of nine months I managed to drop 35 lbs of fat and chisel my body in a way I had never been able to before. A big part of my nurition success is attributed to using ON products on a daily basis to supplement my diet and nutrition plan. Thank you for making a solid product that delivers. I've included some photos of where i began and where I ended up as of September 2011. We can achieve if we just BELIEVE.