Just wanted to send in a picture and give you an update on my TrueStrength journey..I am currently 241 pounds and had my bodyfat measured today at 14.9%. This time last year it was 31%. It was such a huge accomplishment to see this low number, but I am not done yet! There is always another goal in mind. Now that football mode is over, its all about staying in shape and staying healthy. Thanks again for your great products, they help me everyday!! The pictures are from Jan 5th, 2011 which was four days after my last college football game at Mississippi State. I tipped the scales at just over 300 pounds. The recent picture was taken on August 18th, 2011 at 241 pounds. Thanks again!! My training consists of 5 days a week, with cardio on 3 of those days. I have discovered that the stairstepper is the way to go! I feel like it has truly melted the pounds off of me and changed my body for the better. I am sticking with clean carbs and proteins, such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, potatoes, and ezekiel bread. My proteins consist of fish, lean steak, and chicken. My supplementation is a must, with whey protein being in my diet twice per day.