On May 9th, 2010, After a night of hanging out with friends I was on the way home when I ran off the road and flipped my car many times at a high rate of speed. I took a beating from the wreck breaking both legs, left ankle, and rupturing my intestines. I went in the hospital weighing 170lbs and left 5 weeks later weighing 118lbs. Slowly I gained little strength back after living 2 months in a rehabilitation center learning to walk and do many simple things that you wouldnt think would be so tough. Now alittle over a year later I can say that I am almost 100% back in action. I have since been lifting at the gym and now I am bigger and stronger than I was before. Getting back in the gym an pushing myself to has been awesome for me and its a great positive activity for me. I actually have been interested in getting into some sort of bodybuilding and intend to keep training to better myself physically and mentally.