Starting out at 42 years old

  • Hi, I've been working out for about 8 months, and I've started using the Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey product after every workout. I'm 42 years old, and I'm trying to get between lean to mass type body. I've been herald as skinny before, but at 74 kg or 160lb, I'm looking seriously down the track.

    My constant schedule is as follows:
    5am - Status by BlueStar Nutraceauticals
    5.15 am - Oats - work
    9.30am - Salad or Yoghurt
    12pm - chicken or steak with vegetables
    3.30pm - head home from work
    4pm - C4 or After Burn Fuel before workout
    5.30pm - Optimum Nutrition Whey after workout
    6.30pm - dinner and finish off for the day.

    Question, the Supplements I take are, they good enough or should I take more before breakfast and after dinner?? I'm hoping they don't blow up my kidneys or liver for the kinds of intake on supplements.

    My workouts is to be honest, I'm following the Mike Chang program for Monster Mass program, alternating days on shoulder/back, chest, legs, and biceps/triceps.

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