Glucose/ Fructose post exercise for maximal protein synthesis.

  • Cortisol is released during a stressful period on the body like weight training. It comes from the adrenal gland and is released into the system which increases the craving for high energy foods like sugar’s and sweets. But since glucose during a workout is depleted would an increase of sugar’s be good for the system post workout for glucose muscle levels? and would this be best as a complex or a simple sugar.
    In theory it sounds like this would increase cortisol which can then combine with T4 to increase protein synthesis.

    Also is there any way to stop the body’s insulin levels to spike from simple carbs by increasing either protein or fat intake? Does the body automatically regulate the systems to even out the production of t4 into t3 or do we need to get the caloric intake down to a science for maximal gains.