Protein absorption and inhibition from casein.

  • When food is consumed the sphincter closes slowing the absorption of food and giving it time to break down. This being said when Casein is taken into the body it coagulates in the stomach when binding with rennin. Thus causing a slow down in the rate of gastric emptying. Would that not cause a decrease in whey isolate protein absorption as well? When you look at a mixed protein many tend to be a blend of isolate and casein. Does the isolate fully absorb through the gastro intestinal wall before the casein has a chance to coagulate in the stomach?
    Also to get maximal amino acid absorption (I have not found a perfect number for protein absorption since I imagine different people would need different amounts of protein for maximal absorption) Should a high dose of whey isolate be taken (let’s say 25 grams) to cover the amount of protein needed for short term absorption followed by an casein supplement for a longer lasting amino acid release. I read that a whey isolate is absorbed in 45-50 min whereas casein takes 8 hours to fully absorb.