Training Partner Do you have One

  • I have such a busy lifestyle that its hard for me to commit to a training partner. My schedule is always changing.

    How do you guys feel about having a training partner?

    Do you see better gains? Or do you prefer to train by yourself?
  • I mostly train alone, but it's really a matter of timing like you said. I train at some strange and inconsistent hours. When I do train with someone I find it more of a distraction than a benefit. Throws my timing off and I don't get as focused.
  • For the reasons that you've both mentioned, 9 times out of 10, I train alone too.

  • I train alone myself but do have a wonderful long distance partner who has been my training buddy for over two years she is a great support!
  • i got a training partner who is in the same grade as me, takes part in most of the same activities, and we go to the same church...both of us are dedicated to working out and it's good to have a friend to push you wouldn't mind training alone in some situations, but there are a lot of times where i really need a little extra push that my partner is always there to give me...
  • I used to have a training partner and it really helps, but I train alone now.
  • I've only had 2 good training partners in 26 years, and at that not for more than a year at a time. So I'm basically on my own.
  • I usually train alone because it's hard to for me to find a dedicated partner but when I do I am able to push myself 200% harder and really see some gains.
  • I like having a training partner. It makes my workout a lot easier & times goes quicker. When you have a good training partner, they can do a few things for you that you can't do. Being a good spotter, motivator & having the common goal to get the job done. I get better results when my partner pushes me then me being alone.
  • I train by myself but i use to workout with my lil bro but he got too busy with school and work so now i train by myself but i like that way.