Tyler Faoro



Coral Springs,FL

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  • Leg training Monday power cleans 4sets of 5, split squat 4-5each leg, single leg plyo 3-5 each leg, 1 arm DB over head snatch 4-6 each arm
  • 1. Drake


  • 2. Drake


  • 3. 50-cent

    Best friend

  • 4. 50-cent

    Hustlers ambition

  • 5. Juvenile

    Greatest hits

  • 6. Currency

    Lookin Famous

  • 7. Wale


  • 8. Gucci mane

    My year

  • 9. Lil Wayne

    Go DJ

  • 10. Mano

    Day after tomorrow

Pro BMX Racing
Hi ON Fans! I'm Tyler Faoro. Honored to be representing ON in my sport of BMX Racing.

I grew up next to a BMX track in Coral Springs, FL and was racing by age 5. I won my native Florida’s State Championship six times, was crowned national champion as an 8 year old, and has taken the national title in ‘A’ Pro Class twice.

While leading the points standings for single ‘A’ Pros, I asked to be upgraded to ‘AA’, the highest professional class. Deciding to compete against the best of the best Pro BMX Racers as the points leader in a lower class I wanted to show my "True Strength" and determination as a competitor.

My next goal is to make the next Summer Olympic Team!
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