Noah Siegel



East Meadow,NY

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  • May
    Vitamin Shoppe Demo

    205-04 Northern Blvd. - Bayside, NY - 2pm

  • Jun
    Boise Fitness Expo 2015

    ON Booth - CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

  • Split is a Power Hypertrophy split with all major muscle groups working twice a week, one time very heavy in the 5 rep range and the second time during the week I hit them in the higher rep range 12-15 or even higher when doing legs
  • 1. Drowning Pool

    Bodies Hit the Floor

  • 2. Rage Against The Machine

    Calm Like a Bomb


    I Stand Alone



  • 5. Slipknot

    Wait and Bleed

NPC Physique Competitor, Fitness Model & Personal Trainer
Growing up I played just about every sport and this eventually led to my recruitment onto a United States Swimming team. I pursued swimming at the highest national levels and reached an elite level competing with the best in the world. I then continued swimming in college as a NCAA athlete and was introduced to weight training. At this point I was a lean ripped 160lbs built to sprint with the best swimmers in the country. I guess I took to weight training like a fish to water and by the time I had graduated college reached 190lbs of solid lean muscle and appeared in the college issue of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. I began training in gyms across new york for the first time and actually worked out in the same facilities as some of today's top olympia level competitors.

In my youth I found bodybuilding to be a true passion and my desire to put on massive amounts of muscle insatiable. I reached my maximum weight of 230 pounds when I was 25 when I realized that I was looking to achieve something new and different. I no longer chased the bulk and the mass but instead the quality muscle that comes from years of hard dedicated training while maintaining a lean physique year round. I dropped my weight down while continuing to increase my strength and the density of the muscle fiber I was building. I sought to achieve a similar physique to the golden age bodybuilders with less mass appeal and more aesthetic quality lines and the pure beauty of a balanced muscular physique. I continue to chase this goal each and every day as I train my body and mold this human clay into the picturesque statue I desire. I now workout 6 days a week at 5am without fail, it starts my day off right and gets me ready to conquer the world.
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