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  • Mon: 30 min fasted cardio (Stairmaster)- Skip steps and squeeze glutes with each step. Lift: Shoulder/ Tri
  • I currently am at 1550 calories with 6 meals a day. My main protein sources are Hydrowhey, egg whites, and ground sirloin. My main fat sources are from avocado, ground sirloin, and peanut butter. My main carbohydrate sources are fruits and P28 bread :)
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NPC National Level Bikini Competitor
Hey guys! My name is Maria Di Nello I was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. I have been with Optimum Nutrition since October 2012 :) and right now I'm going to school at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL where I am working on getting my Registered Dietitian license and on Dual Masters Degrees in Nutrition and Wellness and Public Health.

My interest in the fitness/ nutrition world first started when I was in 8th grade. I had some health scares and long story short, I ended up getting a pacemaker. Getting a pacemaker gave me the motivation to make sure I lived as healthy as I could. I knew I wanted to motivate other people who were sick and to get myself as healthy as I could. Once I was allowed, I started running and joined a gym. Nutritionally I tried eating better options and less processed foods. Physically, I tried to workout 4-5 times per week. My interest grew and guess what?? I got healthier!

Fast forward four years....I applied to colleges looking to get a degree in nutrition. During college I knew I had found my nitch. I loved my classes and learning about how good nutrition truly is the most important determinant of our health. I also began to love the gym and lifting weights. I had a "gym family" and couldn't wait to challenge myself and see changes from month to month.

I did my first fitness competition my senior year of undergrad and I was hooked! I loved the challenge of pushing myself to be the best I could and surrounding myself with like minded people. I remember going to my first show and seeing everyone with the "Six pack bags" and gallons of water and thinking how fun it was to meet people with the same lifestyle and interests! Well, needless to say, after my first show I was hooked and have continuously been competing since then :)...Oh, and the cherry on top of this sundae??? Through dieting and exercising for the past 9 years, my pacemaker got taken out in February and I've got a clean bill of health! Don't let anything hold you back from pursuing your dreams :)!
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