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  • Monday: Legs (Quads and Calves) Tuesday: Back and Shoulders- Ab Wednesday: Bi and Tri Thursday: Hamstrings and Glutes Friday: Back and Shoulder (Abs)
NPC Bikini Competitor
I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I am a small town girl with BIG dreams. Addicted to love, a passion for fitness and obsessed with sports, I have dedicated my life to a healthy lifestyle and love every minute of it! As a child I was always active. My sports of choice were softball, basketball, volleyball and competitive cheerleading. They kept me active and fit. As I moved into my adult years and relocated to Miami, Florida 3 years ago I kept my figure by working out and eating healthy. But that was not enough, I had an itch. I was asking myself “What's next? How do I take this to the next level?” With my competitive heart I wanted to challenge myself. Next thing I knew I had a trainer who was prepping me for my first NPC show. I was stoked! The definition and muscle appeared in all the right places. I placed 2nd at the Dexter Jackson in March 2012. Recently, I won 1st place at the Southeast Classic and now heading to Chicago for Jr. Nationals in June. That was all it took, I was hooked. I walked onto the stage and knew my sweat and hard work paid off. Words cannot explain that feeling of accomplishment. However, now I continue to want more for myself. I am pursuing my PRO CARD and helping others learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Follow me and stay motivated! You will be glad you did.

Being healthy is a lifestyle for me now. The dedication and discipline has made me a better person. Through this process I have learned so much about myself; strengths and weaknesses. Fitness has allowed me to push myself farther than I ever thought possible. If you believe in yourself, you are capable of anything.

A few years ago someone shared this story with me and it gave me chills up my spine. It motivated me to make the MOST of my life. I hope you will find it motivating as well…Have you ever thought about THE DASH? You know, when your life is over, your birthday THE DASH and your date of death are placed on your tombstone. THE DASH represents your entire life, your childhood, your adolescent years, and your adult life. THE DASH represents everything you did in your life from the second you entered this world. I want people to look at my dash and say, "Wow, she gave it her all and lived the dream." I can truly say I am making a difference and loving the life MY DASH represents. What will your dash represent?

I am currently at Somi Fitness training with Coach Willie for the 2013
season. Keeping my eye on the prize.....PRO CARD!!

Stay Focused, don’t be afraid of weights, and remember it’s about
eating more not less. "EAT CLEAN TRAIN DIRTY.. RIP IT!"
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