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NPC Fitness Competitor
NPC Fitness Competitor, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years dancing, cheering, tumbling, and pole vaulting. I continued cheerleading and my track career at the collegiate level.  Injury left me to retire early from sports and I started to focus on my career. After graduation, I left Pittsburgh for New York City in pursuit of a career in publishing.

After what felt like years of sedentary behavior due to 9-5 work schedules, I became bored with life. In 2009, I started a diet plan and lost 15 pounds in a short 3 months. Due to my competitive nature, that was not enough, and I touted with the idea of competing in the Fitness and Bodybuilding world.

In March 2010, I started working out with a trainer, and decided this was the year to compete. I focused on the Bikini division, because I knew the road to Fitness or Figure would take much longer. I lost another 7 pounds, and dropped 6 % of body fat, by my Bikini Division debut in September.  After my debut, I headed to Nationals. Bikini was a great experience, but I knew I was better fit for the fitness division because of my muscular build and dance, cheering, and tumbling background. I made my Fitness Division debut in May 2011. Unfortunately, I tore my hamstring during Jr. USA's. After 5 months of recovery, I hit the stage again at the NPC Southeasterns. I achieved my redemption and knew the hammy was ready!

What's next for me is to build an amazing physique over the next several months. I am also studying for my personal training license. See the stage at the Arnold Amateur in 2012!

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