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  • Monday: Legs Tuesday: Back & Shoulders Wednesday: Chest/triceps Thursday off Friday: Legs Saturday: Back/shoulder biceps
  • 1. T.I., Jamie Fox etc


  • 2. Jay-Z-Usher

    Hot Tottie

  • 3. Tool


  • 4. DMX

    Who We Be

  • 5. Eminem

    8 mile rd

  • 6. incubus

    under my umbrella

  • 7. Tool

    Forty six & two

  • 8. Linkin Park

    Bleed it out

  • 9. Eminem/Jay-Z


  • 10. Incubus


  • 11. Rap God


Cover Model, Writer, Nutritionist App Creator & Athlete
What's up! Ladies, Gents!

My name is Kelechi Opara. I'm the creator/inventor of the Nutritionist App for the iphone/android (, writer for Muscle & Fitness & Train magazine and a cover model. I have appeared in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Reps, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Planet Muscle, Iron Man, Muscular Development, Physique, Exercise for Men, Natural Bodz, Status & Train, I'm also a WBFF Pro and former United States Marine with a combat tour in Afghanistan plus a stint in Iraq.

Look forward to answering any questions you have as I believe strongly in ON!
November 16, 2010

protein absorption

25g to 30g isn't the limit to how much your body can absorb. Rather its the threshold for anabolism. In other words, after this amount protein synthesis doesn't increase any further. Also for the most part, your body isn't going to start breaking down your muscle after an overnight fast. It takes longer than that dependent upon activity level and the amount of stored glycogen plus bodyfat.

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November 16, 2010

protein absorption

Its funny when I see the people who intake that low amount and exercise . They are not looking at the bigger picture. Dietary protein isn't just used for building muscle tissue

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December 02, 2010

Welcome to the Team and RA

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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