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  • Sunday- Relax Day or sometimes a light morning cardio
  • Monday- Quads and Glutes: Plie Squats, Walking Lunges, Leg Press, Leg Extensions, Kick Backs, Cable Kick Backs and Lots of Jumping!!! Everything is medium weight and super-setted. *Light 45 minute morninig cardio
  • Tuesday- Back & Bis: Some workouts I don't know the name of but here are some! :) Seated Rows, Pull Ups, Lat Pull Downs, Easy Bar Curls, Hammer Curls, Incline Curls, Preacher Bench Curls *Cardio: 45-60 min on the stepmill
  • Wednesday- Abs & Cardio!
  • Thurday- Shoulders & Tris: Military Press, Front Raises, Lat Raises, Cable Pulls, Reverse Peck Deck, Rope Pull Downs, Scull Crushers, Bent Over Tri Kick Backs *Cardio: 45-60 minutes on the stepmill or a 30 minute HIIT
  • Friday- Hammies & Glutes: Leg Curls, Hamstring Curls on a Bosu Ball, Walking Lunges, Deadlift, Donkey Kick Backs, Cable Kick Backs. Lots of Jumping! *Light 45 mintue morning cardio
  • Saturday- Clean Up Day, Abs & Cardio!
  • 1. Jay-Z

    Young Forever

  • 2. Skrillex

    Kyoto feat. Sirah

  • 3. Jay-Z

    On to the next one

  • 4. Little Dragon

    Looking Glass

  • 5. Far East Movement

    Like A G6

  • 6. MxPx

    Do your feet hurt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Marital Arts
I'm an NPC Bikini Competitor and I've been competing for about a year and a half. I'm 28 years old and I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese and Spanish. I live in Fullerton, CA with my beautiful son, Taj Keoni! I work as a hair dresser and a Children’s Director.

I enjoy anything outdoors: surfing, hiking, rock climbing, running or even just skateboarding through the neighborhood!

My son constantly inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to be healthy and strong enough to keep up with him and eventually my grandkids!
I've lost over 70lbs and I'm determined to inspire people to live healthy no matter what their age or current lifestyle is. The journey can be long and tough but it's always worth it!

My favorite things to tell myself when training gets hard:
"Accept the pain, make it your friend!"
"Your stronger than you think you are!"
Twitter: Jen Aragon
Instagram: jenjen7777
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