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    Look At Me Now

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    On My Level

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    6 Foot 7 Foot

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    Party Up In Here

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    Push It

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    Straight To Your Face

  • 9. Drowning Pool

    Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Fitness Model & Natural Bodybuilder
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Natural Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Actor.

Growing up in the small town of Pence, WI with a population of 198 people where everybody lives the same lifestyle, I always had a drive to be different among my peers. Coming from a small area where everybody knows everybody, I always wondered what was out there and how I could reach out to do something other than what was considered "normal".

Striving to break the mold of what everybody else was doing, I found satisfaction in doing things that didn't involve anybody else for success, or things out of the ordinary that set me apart from everything around me. Doing this kept me happy and satisfied because it always kept my life exciting, with something different to always work towards, nobody could let me down but myself. Physically active and in non conventional sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding brought negative flack from others putting doubt in me, but also gave me great self satisfaction because it required nothing but my own dedication, drive, and will to make me get better. Being involved with this was the first time I have ever encountered anything that I was in true control of to succeed or fail. But in a household of jocks, and living in a very small town I was always the odd one out. Always criticized from others because I didn't fit the normal "mold" to what normal was. But what is considering normal? The negativity from others gave me my drive, my True Strength to do whatever I wanted in life, and ultimately made me into who I am today.

Shortly there after, my dad a hockey coach, and my brother a semi pro hockey player I decided to get involved in weight training. It quickly grew into a new found passion of mine. Being able to change my body over time to whatever way I pleased, I had gotten the same satisfaction I once had from being involved in other sports that required nothing but self perseverance and dedication to succeed . Being able to change something no matter what one may say to you, or what one might criticize about, being in complete control of my goals and results to set my own destiny was amazing. It is an awesome feeling, and something I fell in love with not only as a sport but also my lifestyle. My love for health and fitness started as hobby, thought up from my passion, driven from my lifestyle, and then becoming a reality to what I always dreamed it to be. Once reaching a certain point of success, the negative flack from others slowly diminished, as my dedication, and drive became respected and valued. The very people that once doubted me, doubted me no more.

Many years later, after accomplishing my own health and fitness goals I found great satisfaction in helping others achieve the very same goals I have accomplished. Being able to change somebodies life, and help them succeed to something they never thought possible is not only accomplishing their goals, but being part of something life changing is truly an amazing feeling. Overtime I would become a NPTI certified personal trainer, nutritionist and currently running my own health and fitness business BMC Fitness, Body. Mind. Conditioning THE MISSING LINK IN HEALTH to help inspire and change the lives of others that see a dream. In the meantime as up and coming fitness model, I would also be featured nationwide in many big name magazines and books such as Muscle and Fitness magazine, various newspaper articles, and many health fitness websites.

To be able to change your life to how you want to live it is something we all are in control of doing. No matter what anybody will tell you, no matter the circumstances, no matter how one may cut you down, or tell you your different, the actions you take part in today, will be the road for your future tomorrow. Let me help you experience something life changing from the ground up. Conditioning your body and mind to the surroundings you wish around you is the building blocks and stepping stones to a happy, successful life. You are in the drivers seat, the road you choose will determine where you end up. The sky is the limit! True Strength baby!

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December 11, 2011

Essential Amino Energy

I agree, they all taste great! I been actually getting great feedback, my clients love the new flavor! Keep the great products coming, two thumbs up for me!

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December 11, 2011

Hello new team members

Hey everybody, this is my first blog posting. I just wanted to say hello, and thanks for the big welcome to the team last week. It is truly a blessing and I look forward to meeting and working with all of you in the future. 2012 is going to be awesome, and I am happy to be part of the best supplement company and crew out there! Trying to get the hang of things, so if anybody has any advice, tips, or want to chat about whatever feel free to hit me up! Thanks :) True Strength all day!!

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December 14, 2011

Hello new team members

Thanks everybody! I appreciate it.

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