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San Diego,CA

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  • Lower body; back; arms; cardio; sprints
  • 60:20:20, pre-contest 60:30:10(P/F/C)
  • 1. Murs

    Can It Be

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    Get Big

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NPC Bikini Competitor & 2010 Fit Expo Winner

My name is Sundae Marshall. I recently bacame an Team ON Athlete December 2011. I feel SO incredibly blessed to have such an amazing opportunity with a reputable company. I have always been active and loved sports through high school. I played softball in the spring because it was the only time I had outside of school and competitive cheerleading. I was incredibly burnt out when I graduated and stopped really doing much outside of work and college. I missed it and missed training hard with the football team during the summer, practicing two and three times a day.

My first gym membership was not until my junior year of school at Boise State. I would go on my lunch break from my insurance job and spin my wheels on the eliptical for about 30-45 minutes and try fad diets and eat salads a lot. I took a break from school and moved around a little. When I finally went back, I continued to pursue the sciences but really found my niche when I took a Motor Skills course at Albertson's College of Idaho. I told myself I wanted to take as many courses that involved learning about the movement and workings of the body... and from there I pursued my BS in Exercise Science/Kinesiology.

I had always wanted to get on stage and compete at the Expos in Boise, ID before there was such thing as a Bikini Division. My senior year, the NPC added the Bikini Division and it was all over for me. I was hooked! I was taking 17 credits, working out twice a day, and training clients at Idaho Athletic Club. I had WAY too much on my plate and I loved every minute of it! Then in 2010, I was honored to be the Fit Expo Winner!!

The body is my passion. I love learning about how to manipulate it and push it to grow in ways I had never understood before. I love learning about ways to put Protien/Carbs/Fats together in ways that can build, breakdown, and maintain. The challenge comes in the mental game. This is the area I have focused and struggled the past year with. The focus being within and staying centered on my own personal goals while uplifting I can who is looking to achieve those same goals.

A favorite song of mine I've been listening to at the gym is by Murs called "Can It Be". "Life is like a table, full of glasses of water...And your job is to keep 'em all full...But at the same time, you gotta keep your pitcher full, so you can fill everybody else up."

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Everyone has been there. Those lyrics put in perspective for me that although things are tough, we must help ourselves, we must push ourselves, we must grow and learn and fullfill our needs. But along the way the purpose is to uplift and help others while helping ourselves.

This is my purpose, this is my happiness, this is where I know I can and will find success and happiness!
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