Lylas Leona



Brandon, Canada

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National Fitness Competitor & Personal Trainer
I have been an active ‘gym goer’ since I was 14. When I was 24 I decided to get up on stage, I overcame a lot of mental road blocks and negative feedback and placed 6th in the MABBA Novice in 2007 in Figure Tall. Since then I have competed every year at least once. I find competing helps me neutralize my food addiction with a productive exercise addiction:)

Highlights in my competitive career are...
2008 – FAME 3rd Place Fitness Model
2009 – MABBA Novice 1st Place Fitness Tall MABBA Provincials Overall Fitness – Ms. Manitoba Fitness
2010 – CBBF NPC 2nd Place Fitness Tall
2012 – WBFF Figure Overall

Goals and Aspirations:
I will win my Pro Card and continue helping as many people as I can to realize they’re fitness potential.

I’d like to build a corporation that manufactures training tools to serve athletes and gym goes of all shapes and sizes. A company that listens to people’s ideas and helps make them a reality.

I have many of my own and have had trouble learning how to make them happen so I want to make it easier for others.

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