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  • My favorite types of cardio are: Bleachers, Track, Long Distance Running (up to 5-7miles/session), HIIT, Stairmaster, & Plyometrics
  • Down to the Wire Prep Diet: 1. Egg Whites & Oats 2. Fish & Green Veggie 3. Fish & Green Veggie 4. Fish & Green Veggie 5. Fish & Green Veggie 6. Fish & Green Veggie
  • Early Prep Diet: 1. Egg Whites & Oats 2. Chicken & Avocado 3. Chicken & Sweet Potato 4. Shrimp & Green Salad 5. Fish & Green Veggie 6. Platinum Hydrowhey
  • 5 days a week = Weight Training | 7 days a week = AM & PM Cardio
  • 1. Sweet Talk

    Kito & Reija Lee

  • 2. One of Those Nights

    Juicy J Ft. The Weekend

  • 3. Ball Drop


  • 4. Brown Skin

    Richie Spice

  • 5. R.I.P.

    Jeezy Ft. 2 Chainz

  • 6. Tap Out

    Rich Gang

  • 7. I Follow Rivers

    Lykke Li

  • 8. Jugg

    Fetty Wap

  • 9. Sorry

    Justin Bieber

  • 10. No Sleeep

    Janet Jackson

  • 11. Diamonds Dancing

    Future & Drake

Co-Founder of The Scoopie | Endorsed Athlete & Fitness Model | NPC Bikini Competitor
• Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding Endorsed Athlete & Fitness Model
• Co-Inventor & Founder of The Scoopie (
• NPC Bikini Competitor
• Swirled: ½ Black ½ White

I was born & raised in Fort Myers, FL and am bi-racial: African American & Caucasian. I have obtained my Associate in Arts Degree from Edison State College (2008) and my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication at Florida Gulf Coast University (2013).

I am a proudly endorsed Athlete & Fitness Model with Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding (Est. 2008). My passion for fitness and health has led me to be a competitor in the NPC Bikini Division since 2009. I became qualified to compete on a National level on August 4th, 2012 at the 2012 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic in Jacksonville, FL and am currently striving to earn my IFBB Pro Card in Bikini!

Stay motivated. Be consistent. Keep your focus. Stay FIT!
October 10, 2008

Magazine Models

Fitness Rx, Natural Muscle & Oxygen! That's exactly the type of physique I am goin' for!

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October 11, 2008

Whats your favorite time of year

LOVE FALL! The weather in Florida is still hot some days and breezy and cool others. Kinda funny...even in Winter time I still find myself at the beach! HAHA...typical FL weather and Global Warming!

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October 11, 2008

The young athlete thread

Danny, so kind of you to assist our RA family with peronal advice, questions and needs! Very compassionate of you! 5 Stars to you!

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