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    Mr. Olympia Expo 2015

    9/18 - 9/19/15 - ON Booth #1328 - Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV

  • off-season Cardio -5 times a week 30-40 minutes In-season Cardio- everyday 1hr 30 minutes total (Split cardio sessions) Weight training Regimen -5 times a weeks (on-season and off-season) Monday-Cardio/ abs Tuesday-shoulders and Chest and triceps (split workout) Wed-legs Thur-Back and bicep
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NPC National Level Figure Competitor/Crossfit/Volunteer Firefighter
My name is Jennifer Delgado and I am 31 years old. I was born in Miami, FL, but reside in Las Vegas, NV. I am cuban and italian descent.

I started out as a track and field and cross country runner for the NCAA and switched over to becoming a national figure competitor. Being in a competitive sport all my life, really gave me the discipline that's needed to compete as a figure athlete. I've been competing for 7 years in the NPC organization. My goal is to attain my pro card. Besides competing in Figure, I'm a full-time student, working on becoming a Volunteer firefighter and I work for a sports supplement distributor called Muscle Foods USA, LLC.

I am also a proud Team ON/ABB sponsored athlete.

February 23, 2011

FLEX Pro thoughts

I thought Centopani looked amazing. dry and grainy. vey well conditioned and full. Dex was holding some water, especially behind his legs and rear. Dennis came in a little flat and was holding a little fat in his rear. He always looks better days before. I see him all the time. He trains in my gym. Lets see how he does in the Arnold.

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February 23, 2011

Latest Training Time

I try to train at the same time everyday. I would train whenever you feel the strongest or of course when your schedule allows you. Be consistent with the time you train. It's better for the body. I would at least eat 2 meals before weight training so your body has enough fuel to carry you through the workout.

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October 30, 2010

pre workout

if your looking to grow I would stick to a meal about an 1hr and 30 min before your w/o, before w/o waxymaize, waxymaize after your w/o and a meal 1hr after. I would recommend to just take waxymaize on weight training days because your muscles will use it immediately and not to store it as fat. Also, I would do the cardio at a different time. maybe early morning or late in the evening. Good luck. Hopefully, this helpful.

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