Injae Hwang



Incheon, Korea

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NABBA Pro Bodybuilder
My name is Injae Hwang, and currently I am a professional bodybuilding athlete in NABBA international. I’m running my own gym and athlete training academy, named IJEFFECTFAMILY in Korea. I started my bodybuilding career when I was in high school to overcome my small physical condition. ON was my first supplement friend when I started my body building career. When I was young, I met the great ON sponsored international athletes in fitness magazines, and started to take their supplements. Looking at those athletes, I had a dream to become an ON sponsored athlete in future, and that dream has now been realized!

Competition History:
-NABBA/WFF KOREA Class 4 champion.
-NABBA/WFF KOREA Overall champion (The first champion in Korea.)
-NABBA UNIVERSE (U.K) 2nd winner.
-Mr. Buchun Grand Prix champion(domestic competition)
-Mr. Suwon Grand Prix champion(domestic competition)
-Mr. Christian champion.(domestic competition)
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