Kaylah Daly



Sydney, Australia

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Fitness Competitor & Elite Gymnast
Hi, I'm Kaylah Daly and I am an IFBB Fitness Competitor and ex-elite gymnast. I recently placed first in the regional championships and currently in preparation for the NSW titles, national titles, and also the Australasian's.

Growing up I always loved competitive sport. When I grew out of gymnastics, I had the feeling that the ship had sailed away and 15 years of training behind me was all done for. Therefore, finding a new hobby which I could tie my gymnastics into was an absolute priority. On a very personal level I find training far more enjoyable when it is practiced with purpose. This is what led me to IFBB Fitness.

My attention originally was on shifting heavy weight and growing through the shoulders, quads and glutes. Now that I have a lot more knowledge I have learned how to really manipulate my body and shape it exactly how I want through diet and various styles of training. I have practiced and actually learned to love the process of strict dieting and intensified sessions. Working hard both in and out of the gym in weights and gymnastics makes me feel alive and gives me both the confidence and the shape I need to step out on stage again and perform how I know I'm capable of doing!
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