Robin Reinhold



Düsseldorf, Germany

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IFBB Men's Physique Athlete
Hey, my name is Robin and I am an Amateur IFBB Physique Competitor.

At the age of 15 I signed up for my first membership at a local gym, but it all began because I wanted to look better. I found my passion for the sport while I was studying abroad in San Diego California. At that time, I started reading books about nutrition and training methods and I realized how much effort is needed to see results. I put in the effort and very soon my body and mind changed over time. I fell in love with the process and I always admired athletes in the sport. So the next step for me was clear, become an IFBB Athlete.

In my first season I was able to place myself into the Top 6 Men’s Physique in Germany and since that day I know nothing is impossible if you truly believe in yourself. My next goal is to be a top ranked national and international athlete. With Optimum Nutrition by my side I am blessed and it shows me that hard will be recognized.
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