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  • Off-Season back/Ham program - This program wrecks me everytime, I will post videos on insta (@dustennelson) so hop over and have a peek. Give it a go and shoot me questions if you've got em. Heres the program: A1: Snatch grip DL 5x8-10 A2 Chin 5x5-7 / B: SA DB Row 4x10 / C1: HS Curl 3x12 C2: Snatch Grip ROM DL
WBFF Pro Fitness Model
Hi, I'm Dusten Nelson, WBFF Pro Fitness Model.

Drawn to athletics at an early age I became enthralled with the competition and camaraderie that came along with sports. The knowledge and effort required to excel at a high level fueled my passion. It was more than having information for my own training, I was obsessed with providing answers to others and helping them achieve their goals. I committed myself personally and professionally to seeking the knowledge required to help people transform their bodies.

After years of education in training, nutrition and kinesiology, I decided to endure the rigors of Chinese Med School. It took every ounce of commitment and resolve to complete that program.

My true strength came from applying the lessons we learn as athletes; enduring long hours, persevering in tough times and sacrificing our short term desires for a long-term goal. Today I am blessed to have an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences as an athlete and a coach with you and help you realize your athletic, health and physique goals.
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