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  • Full Body - Heavy low rep squat,deadlift and overhead press.Followed by seated rows and or either assisted/non assisted pull ups. Ending with two shoulder movements like lateral and front raises. I love this style of training when I am not dieting. This approach to training is the most effective and enjoyable for me.
  • Protein waffles - beat 1 whole egg with 1/'2 scoop of on gold standard whey with 1/2 scoop of ON casein.Top with 1TSP PB AND SOME SUGAR FREE SYRUP
  • 1. September Song

    JP Cooper

  • 2. Solo Dance

    Martin Jensen

  • 3. How Far I'll Go

    Alessia Cara

Bikini Competitor
I am an NPC Bikini competitor originally from Ireland.

My career in fund accounting led me to a big move from Ireland to Chicago in 2012 and I have not looked back. When i moved to the US i found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands which in itself looking back was a blessing in disguise. This is when i truly fell in love with fitness and I started competing in 2015.

My training is very important to me and i make it priority every day. I spend a lot of time researching different training and nutrition approaches because I really do want to be a knowledgeable athlete that can help others reach their personal fitness goals.

My life has changed so much in the past 5 years.There has obviously been a lot of physical changes but its the emotional changes I am most proud of.

I am very excited to see what 2017 holds for me.
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