Nassim Sahili



Lyon, France

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Men’s Physique Athlete, Personal Trainer & Fitness Model
Hi, I’m Nassim Sahili, a French personal trainer, gym owner, fitness model and fitness influencer.

I started my lifting career 10 years ago in 2006 and since then, I never stopped training. The passion for improvement grew stronger year after year and I’m now proud to be able to call it my job.

Since I got my personal trainer certification in 2011, I have been able to accomplish a lot! I joined Optimum Nutrition in 2012, becoming the very first French athlete to join the team. I managed to win the IFBB French National Championships in Men’s Physique in 2013, place 4th at the European Championships in 2014, opened my own gym and my own personal training website ( in 2015. I also started a You Tube channel the same year and it became quite successful as it is now one of the top 3 fitness channel in France.

I’m planning to continue spreading a healthy lifestyle through my fitness community, and travel the world to meet as much sports enthusiast as possible!
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