Cara Saunders



Brisbane, Australia

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I grew a passion for the health & fitness industry when it changed my life over 2 years ago now after suffering badly with anxiety & depression that affected my health both mentally and physically. I began training and then competing to deal with my anxiety and soon became addicted. I love to workout and participate in exercise/sport both in and out of the gym (field sports, beach runs etc.).

I’ve competed 5 times in the IFBB as an amateur and won every show, giving me a large social following. In a social media driven world I try to portray myself as a ‘real’ athlete – I try to talk about competing, training and dieting on a realistic level so that others can relate and know it’s achievable too. In addition, I am currently finishing my major in Forensics Accounting at QUT part time whilst working full time as an Accountant in a company where we specialize predominantly in the health & fitness industry.

I am very goal-driven. I have competing, studying, career and personal goals that range from daily, monthly to very long-term. I believe you should focus on having goals in many areas of life so that there is always a drive and therefore motivation to work towards something in whatever way you can, small or big.
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