Carl Gauthier



Montreal, Quebec

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WBFF Pro Fitness Model
Hi, my name is Carl Gauthier and I am a Wbff Pro Male Fitness Model.
I am from Montréal, Québec.

I have been playing hockey for the past 14 years of my life as a goalkeeper. At the age of 16, I was training on the ice 5 times a week and already training at the gym 5 to 6 times a week. My coaches had to pull me out of the gym, because I was always there. I have always been a hard worker striving to prove my abilities. My goal was to work even harder, hoping for a chance to prove myself and become a Professional hockey player. Unfortunately this never happened and I was compelled to find another way to push my limits. That is when I started to train more intensively in the gym. And, that is when I discovered my true passion. I still play hockey for fun once a week, but I decided to merge all my efforts in my career as a Fitness model.
I always preconize an healthy and active lifestyle. I was fortunate to be surrounded by awesome people with great knowledge about training and fitness at a young age. At 16 years old I already had in mind the dream of competing in fitness shows. I am always looking for solutions to improve my physique. I am young, patient and realist, but I can’t wait to show everyone what I am made of !!

I am a young 21 years old fellow with a big devotion for fitness. I won my Pro card with the Wbff at the age of 20. I am more than willing and also available to answer questions or to help you at any time. Fitness is my passion and I am bless to do what makes me happy every day.
Moreover, when I’m not grinding and hustling hard in the weight room, I am enjoying time with my bride to be.
I am very honored and grateful to be a member of the Optimum Nutrition family.

If you are curious and hungry about fitness,
follow me on instagram @carl.g_wbffpro
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