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  • Monday- Legs Tuesday - Back Wednesday - Plyos Thursday - Shoulders Friday- HIIT Saturday - Glutes Sunday - Rest
  • 1. Depends what mood I am in.

    Jennifer Lopez, Pit Bull, Metallica

ON GoPro Winner, Bikini Universe Pro & Fitness Model
Hi, so happy to be a part of Team ON! A bit about me...I am the 2014 reigning Model Universe Champion & Bikini Pro and I have appeared in many magazines & commercial advertising campaigns.

I also am a second grade bilingual teacher and I give my all for both careers. It's all about balanacing lives and I do face many challenges in trying to balance them out. I have to get all my work done before I go hit the gym. Sometimes my workouts are pushed into late at night. My toughest challenge is preparing meals. It is a very rewarding feeling to see how my body transforms with just eating healthy and working out consistently.

Feel free to follow my fitness journey as I try to create a movement to inspire others to be there best and live a healthy/fit lifestyle. Check back often for updates on upcoming projects and fitness inspiration! You can follow on Instagram as well: @jessicavasquezworld
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