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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • I like to keep my workout duration somewhere around an hour on average per session. During this time I will make sure that I'm giving full focus on the intensity and tension throughout. The idea during the workout is to always focus on the contraction and technique rather than pulling/pushing the weights on and off. Keep it steady and I can assure you will highly likely to stay away from injury.
  • One of the most important things that I would like to stress about nutrition is to eat healthy food whether you are just living a healthy lifestyle or doing sports. If you eat crap you will be crap! Healthy food to me can be defined as: whole food, non processed food and definitely not fast food, etc. My principle is easy - ensure you have a balanced diet which includes nutrition from a variety of food sources and keep the food intake at every 3-4 hours containing a portion of protein, carbohydrate and fats. This routine puts your body in a prime mode, which will accelerate fat burning. In other words make sure you NEVER skip your meal if you want to stay lean.
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Men's Physique Competitor
My name is Ahmad Faiz, also known as Faizzariffin. Currently majoring charted accounting. I’m also a national athlete for Malaysia, competing under the men’s physique category.

It was during my early teen years when I started lifting my first dumbbells, but I did not take it seriously and barely knew how to even perform the proper technique. At that stage I was just lifting mainly for sports performance when I was heavily involved in track events, the 100m and 200m sprint. After few years passing by I just realized how skinny I was and how unsymmetrical my upper body and lower body development was. Knowing that I wanted to make changes to my body, I started spending some time searching on the net, and then I came across the Bodybuilding.com website. From there I started by joining BodySpace, and my transformation gradually picked up.

Bodybuilding gives me the feeling of satisfaction. It is a long term process which indeed needs a lot of patience and determination to succeed. To me it is also something that can keep you away from bad habits like smoking as you are responsible for the development of yourself. This triggers determination and discipline.

ON products were the first sports supplements that I bought back in 2009 and I’ve never regretted since due to the high quality product and effectiveness it has towards my performance. In 2011 when Charles Glass and Steve Cook came to Malaysia, I became more inspired and hope that one day I will be like them and be part of the ON team. Getting onboard, Team ON will certainly help me in this industry. In the future, I aspire to be recognized top fitness model in the world and also a successful entrepreneur in this industry. Having the best natural fitness physique possible, and doing my best to help others achieving their goals. I do believe helping others for greatness and seeing others transform for the better.


• Mr. Kuala Lumpur, Junior category under 70kg 3rd placing Year 2011 • Mr. Putrajaya, Junior category above 70kg 1st placing for Year 2012 • Mr. Malaysia, Junior category above 70kg 3rd placing for Year 2012 • Mr. Putrajaya, Junior category above 70kg 1st placing for Year 2013 • Mr. Malaysia, Junior category above 70kg 1st placing for Year 2013 • SUKMA GAMES, Represented MSWP (Majlis Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan) 1ST Placing junior category above 70kg bodybuilding event for Year 2013 • Represented Malaysia in Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship in Vietnam under Physique open category year 2013 • Trained under coach IFBB MILOS SARCEV together with local Malaysian top Bodybuilder Sazali Samad. • Represented Malaysia for the 12th South East Asian Bodybuilding Championships in Singapore, 2nd placing under Men’s open Athletic physique above 170cm in Jun 2014 • Represented Malaysia for the 48th Asian bodybuilding fitness and physique sports championship in Macau. August 2014 • Offered to go India for the World bodybuilding and sports physique championship this coming December 2014.
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