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  • Majority of my workout is based on high intensity hypertrophy-specific training. I do my cardiovascular exercises early in the morning when I wake up and my weight training sessions are usually in the evenings. My training frequency is usually 5 times a week, with two muscle groups a day, sometimes training my lacking muscle groups more frequently than other muscle groups.
  • I Have 5 to 6 small meals a day every 2-3 hours to ensure my body does not go into a catabolic state at any time. My solid food meals usually consists of chicken breast, brown rice and asparagus. Throughout the day I usually am unable to get myself fresh solid food with low preservatives. Hence I use a lot of Optimum Nutrition supplements such as the "Oats and Whey" for breakfast, "Gold Standard Whey" in the afternoons or between meals, and the "Gold standard Casein" right before bed. With ON, I know my muscles are protected throughout the day despite how busy my schedule for the day may get.
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Physique Athlete & Fitness Model
My name is Amerpal Singh, and I am a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor at Optimum Fitness in Singapore. I aspire to compete in physique competitions overseas and continue with fitness modelling as well. As of now, I will be competing in local physique competitions. I was 1st Runner Up Mr. Physique Junior at the MuscleMania Asia 2014 Show and Sports Model Physique 2nd Runner Up at the 2014 WBPF Singapore Invitational Amateur Classic.

I get asked too often on what products to use after people see my transformation pictures, and even before being sponsored, I always promoted Optimum Nutrition products and explained to people how and why it has helped me and why I use them. I want to be able to represent a team of excellence, not just any team, but a team in which I believe in its products and use them myself because I know it is the best in the market. The reason I have stayed with using Optimum Nutrition products all these years is simple. The ingredients and ratios are perfect. 98% of consumers that walk into a supplement store would not study the fine details to realise that ON caters the best products in the market.
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