Nick Cheadle



Sydney, Australia

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Performance Coach, PT & Physique Fitness Model
I am a performance coach, personal trainer & competitive fitness model. Having been involved in the industry from an early age, I’ve always been active & played a lot of sport, however found my true passion when I first began to focus on properly fuelling my body & training to improve my physique. Now, I am fortunate to be in a position that I can impart my knowledge via social media whilst doing something I love every single day.

I preach sustainability & flexible eating & training protocols – having experience with a multitude of different training & nutritional approaches has led me to train & eat the way I do whilst assisting those that are not quite sure about how they should be doing things. I am a coach & personal trainer first & foremost though and a competitive fitness model second. I enjoy the discipline & challenge of competition however prefer to help & assist others reach the stage & become the best versions of themselves.

I have been fortunate enough to appear in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine, Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine as well as compete & place in the top 3 in a National Fitness Model Championship, whilst inspiring those who follow me daily through various social media portals.
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