Joe Pitt



Brisbane, Australia

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Men’s Physique competitor, Published Fitness Model & Fitness Ambassador
I have always been drawn to sports since a young age. Athletics, sprinting, rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules, touch, Jujitsu and Muy Thai to name a few. Rugby league being the main sport I choose to pursue over the years, playing professionally here in Australia for the Wynnum Manly Seagulls and in the UK for the Sheffield Eagles. As part of rugby, the physical training on the field was gruelling but it was in the weights room that I really enjoyed the training.

Since retiring form Rugby League, I’ve been focussed on using all of my knowledge from being a professional sportsmen and transferring this to the weights room. Transforming my physique has helped me in so many aspects of my life, not only changing my body’s appearance but my mind set as well. I now enjoy living a healthy lifestyle which has driven me to develop a passion for sharing my knowledge with others to achieve their goals.
To date I have been lucky enough to inspire others through social media I daily receive questions about my training and diet from around the world. This has led me to get certified, set up my own webpage, which provides me a platform to assist and support others to achieve their own goals and reach their own full potential.

True Strength is what pushes us beyond our limits

Come check me out and take your train and healthy lifestyle to the next level #DayInDayOut
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