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Melbourne, Australia

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Physique Athlete & Personal Trainer
Hi There!

My name is Bradley, and I am a New Zealand born Personal Trainer/Coach residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Growing up I was always active, I played soccer from the time I could walk, representing my school in top grade soccer, I also played golf all through my teenage years, surfing was also a major part of my up bringing and I still love to get my feet wet time to time. In 2010 after a lot of years of partying and doing what most young adults do I got to a point in my life where I wanted to form structure, find direction and make something of myself. All I did was work and socialize. I wanted more. I always had an interest in training and gyms I just didn't have a clue about it.

So I joined a gym and started to play around, It wasn't long before the bug over took me and I was becoming more entrenched in the lifestyle of health and fitness. I started to research ways of improving my diet, supplementing and training, I would read for hours on end and then implement these methods in the gym. Before long I was starting to see results, and all my quiet nights in where starting to pay off. I moved to Australia in 2011 with a goal of becoming a personal trainer..I done this within 1 year of setting foot in Australia, my own training was starting to come along as well and I was starting to get noticed as someone with a "well balanced physique". I decided to throw caution to the wind and enter a sports model contest with a natural Federation, I placed first in this show, which basically set the stage for to take up competing in Mens Physique full time. I have competed in 10 shows now winning state titles, National titles and other shows along the way. I am also a full time personal trainer and coach to other physique and bodybuilding athletes. My goal is now to obtain a pro card and keep bringing a better physique to the stage every show.

Being a part of Team ON pushes me to give my best and keeping raising the bar, and being surrounded by like minded individuals keeps me inspired and driven. I am always open to help and advise anyone with there own training goals.
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