Jake Mollenhauer



QLD, Australia

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Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer
I had always been into physical exercise, training and participating in different sports throughout primary and high school. Initially, I started lifting weights when my high school built a small gym. It was nothing special with limited equipment, but it definitely kicked off my new love for strength training. Ever since, I’ve been training every day, sticking to a disciplined diet, constantly trying to do more, lift more and be more successful.

After 3 years of intense training, I wanted to push myself to another limit that I had never been to before. So, I decided I would compete in a bodybuilding show. With minimal knowledge on the sport and what would actually be involved, I contacted former IFBB Mr. New Zealand, Eric Stewart. With a few years of proper body building training, I then made contact with IFBB Pro, Mike Debenham – also a former Mr. New Zealand. Mike prepared me for my first competition by teaching me how to pose, eat right and zone out from all the negative thoughts inside my head. I then went on to win my first ever Body Building Show. From there, I fell in love with everything bodybuilding and the rest is now history!

I would like to win Junior Mr. Australia and get on some well established magazine covers around the world. I'm also passionate about building up my Personal Training business even more than what it already is, buy my first house, travel the world, help the less fortunate, get married, have kids and live a happy and balanced lifestyle!

Hobbies include: Exercising, Nike shoe shopping, hanging out with friends, family and eating. My favorite body part to train is Back and Biceps. My favorite exercise is the wide grip lat pull down. My diet food of choice is cucumber, asparagus and chicken, while my favorite junk food is BBQ Ribs or Weis Mango Sorbet!
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