Quentin Weber



Montreal, Canada

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Pro Bodybuilder & Powerlifting Athlete
The first time I registered to a gym was back in 2007. I needed to fix a knee injury and since then I have been hooked with this kind of lifestyle. I developed a strong passion for bodybuilding and powerlifting and went through a lot of reading. The supplements world was also very new to me and I could recall buying every supplement possible in order to help me reach my goals. Since day one, I have been delivering strong intensity in the gym, which definitely helped develop my physique. I started competing in 2013 and won my first show as a Novice. Then, I won my second show in the Open category, which got me my Professional title. I went through a long contest preparation of a total of 46 weeks which was recognized and impressed by many. At that point, I also got in touch with Optimum Nutrition in order to associate myself as a sponsored athlete. I always been a big fan of the brand and wanted to help them grow as much as I could. Known for my high level of self-discipline and commitment, I decided to also focus on helping and coaching individuals through their nutrition and training goals. As a Professional Bodybuilder, my coaching style is based on an up-to-date and constantly evolving scientific approach. I focus on creating a strong relationship with my athletes in order to maximize their results and learning.
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