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Reykjavik, Iceland

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Figure Competitor & Personal Trainer
Hello and thank you for viewing my profile :)

My name is Alexandra Sif Nikulasdottir, but I'm always called Ale.
I work as a personal trainer via online training and I also compete in Figure.

I am 25 years old and live in Iceland.

I have been lifting weights for about three years now and I love it, it's my time of the day to go to the gym.
It was always a dream to compete but it didn't become a reality until I met my trainer, Katrín Eva.
And now we work together as trainers :)

I started competing in Bikini but soon moved up to Figure.
You can read more about my competitions here below.

*When I decided I wanted to try the fitness industry I competed with only 3 months prep.
I was very thin and I had to improve my stage performance.

*Arnold Classic USA Bikini F 2011- 8th place
-After my first competition we knew what we had to imrpove and to do so I had to gain weight.
Six months later I was the first Icelandic girl to compete in Bikini abroad and I got into 8th place at the Arnold Classic amateur in Bikini F.

*Icelandic Championship bikini tall 2011- 4th place
-After that I competed here at the Icelandic championship and got 4th place.

*Top 10 - Arnold Europe Bikini tall 2011
-Started bulking and competed in Bikini category at the first ever Arnold Classic Europe.
Was in my best shape ever and took a huge decision with my trainer Katrín Eva to move up a category at my next competiton.

*Iceland Cup - Bodyfitness/Figure over 163 cm 2011 - 1st place
-Only a year after I started competing and that in a different category all the hard work payed off and this was one of the greatest moments in my life.

*Arnold Classic USA Figure F 2012- 8th place

*Arnold Classic Europe Bodyfitness over 171 cm 2012- 10th place
-For this competition I took a huge bulk season to gain more muscle.

*Iceland Cup - Bodyfitness/Figure over 163 cm 2012 - 5th place

*Icelandic Championship - Bodyfitness/Figure over 163 cm 2013- 3rd place
-Only decided two weeks out to compete and I imoroved my shape and mind - would say my best yet.

Hopefully to be continued :)
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